Every lesson (except the odd occasion when I forget!), I send an email to you, either student or parent or both, and I would like to remind you about a couple of things. I don’t send receipts or invoices but your weekly email shows a record of your payments and lessons to come.  Almost everyone pays me by check so if I make a mistake or an omission the bank has all your checks on-line so it is easy to look at see what is happening.
Now we are coming to the end of the semester can you look at your lesson record this week and see what lessons are available in December.  You may not be coming for all of them so please adjust your December fees accordingly. In addition some people who notified me 24 hours before have had a payment put forward.  In some other cases people only paid 4 weeks in November and there were 5 so that is all reflected in your lesson payments.  December fees will be due this Friday and next week.
On another note, I am finding that some of the younger students are not aware of what I send in the email concerning what they need to practice.  I know it is a pain for parents and I do really love the support all parents give to students learning music with me.  Can I float a couple of ideas?
1. You could print out the relevant section of the email and put it in the student’s binder
2. Some students who read and write well could copy out the relevant section from the family ipad
3. Some very young students might need a simplified copy – I could work on that in big print
4. If a student already has email I can send directly to them but then they have to read their email! In special cases I guess I could text the student if they have a texting phone.
Let me know if I can help in any way.
1. Adult Salon this friday 7:30 at my place
2. DMTA Playathon Saturday Dec. 9 at Brightleaf Square 4:30 pm
3. Soiree Sunday Dec 10 at 3:30 Croasdaile Auditorium – more details next week.
4. Spring Semester will commence on Tuesday January 2, 2018.  Spring semester is very long and I will take a Spring Break week before and after Easter which may or may not coincide with schools’ Spring Breaks but let me know next year.
One last thing – if anyone knows they are no continuing in January or if they suspect they will need a change of time, let me know.  I have more students to possibly fit in and others who need to make changes.