Thank you so much to the 15 students and their parents, grandparents and fan clubs who came to Brightleaf on Sunday!  I love these casual get-togethers where the students can listen to each other play and the young ones can get inspired by the more experienced players.  I don’t want to single students out but I will tell them my comments in lessons. Everyone did so well from my two newest students, Mac and Cohen to my high schooler Sam, and Andrew, who has been learning with me from 2012 (I think).

Thanks so much to Brightleaf for providing free space and to Maus Pianos for providing that lovely baby grand!  The space was a bit bare and not well lit but next year we hope to use the space near Niko Restaurant opposite the walkway.

Some students have told me they have auditioned for groups and been accepted:  Sam in the state concert band for trombone, Lucas in the the highest level chamber chorus at DSA, and Emily in the Motown Throwdown talent show at Hillandale Elementary.  Many congratulations and please tell me more about your extra curricular activities.  I went to see Jikai’s play at his school (Montessori School), True Story of the 3 Little Pigs.  It was so wonderful they could have put it on at the DPAC!  I know Elijah is in a play at his school too.  I love to go to these events and see what my students are doing!

The playathons are a fund raiser for the scholarship program at the DMTA.  Students who could not otherwise afford music lessons can receive a semester scholarship to pay the fees.

There will be another playathon in April – details to be announced but it will be out near the Mall.

Two students could not come sadly but here are the ones who did and what they played:

DMTA Playathon Program February 2023, Brightleaf Square

Lucas: “I know him so well” from the musical Chess

Mac:  Hot Cross Buns

Cohen:  Mary had a little Lamb on white and black keys

Nate:  Ice Skaters, Curious Rumba

Elijah: Polovtsian Dances, The Entertainer

Adam:  Firefly, Little River, Sailing in the Sun,  Trumpet Song

Andrew: Minuet in G (Bach), Amazing Grace

Tyler: The Clown, Ancient Nations

Ida: Sakura, Rocking Bagpipes, A Day at the Carnival

Emily: Selection from Songs I already Know

Marten: Ukaten Heroes (his own composition), The Greatest Show on Earth

Sam: Sonatina (Benda)

Jikai: Song of the Cavalry (Kabalevsky)

Louise:  Leibestraum (Liszt) and In the Mood (Jazz)

Well Done everyone!