Thank you so much to all the students who participated in the Durham Music Teachers Association (DMTA) festival Saturday May 18.  Your support for this professional organization is much appreciated.  Thank you to Sarah Weaver, Elijah’s Mom, who volunteered during the morning session.  Thank you to all the parents who support their students learning piano, and thank you to my adult students who help support me in my studio.  Thank you also to parents who have sent donations when their student could not be in the Festival.

All students did really well (even if they think they did not!).  Three levels were awarded, bronze, silver or gold.  Of my students two received gold awards and five silver, an excellent result!  And I have all my books back so thank you students!

I also enjoyed the festival where I met some new colleagues and talked to colleagues I have known for a long time.  I attended a composition workshop and I will have more to say about my ideas stemming from that in a later email and in talks with students in lessons.

I want to ask students these questions:

What did you think about seeing 272 other students all being able to play a musical instrument?  What did you think about being on the Duke University campus in the music department where college students study music? How many of your friends can sit down at the piano and play great music?  How much practice did you put in over the weeks preceding the festival?

Your piano teacher’s job is to equip you with piano playing skills, guide you through learning your pieces, and give you feedback on your progress. After this it is up to you to put in the practice.  The problem with playing a musical instrument is that a few days intensive practice can help but it is regular practice over a longer period of time that leads to great enjoyable performances; as your teacher I can’t practice for you even if I wished I could!

There were 273 students performing at the festival, taught by 33 music teachers.  It was a very successful Festival.  I will have certificates for participating students in their lessons.

Now for the Soirée, May 31, at ERUUF, (5:30 pm) – two weeks to get ready!