There are going to be many important items in this post so please read to the end.

First, I hope you all have a wonderful joy-filled, safe and happy holiday – we all surely need a break.  I hope peace breaks out all over the world and especially in the Americas.  Thank you all for choosing to learn music with my studio, Flourishing Muse.

I will be taking a two week break after this week.  Lessons will resume Monday January 7. During my break I will be setting up my 2019 schedule so it will be important that you let me know if you are continuing and if you are OK with the time you have had in 2018.  A few people have made requests and I will try to accommodate them.  If you are not continuing would you let me know as soon as possible because my schedule is very tight.  If you want to remind me about your scheduling request that would be good because my notes are a bit messy!  The lesson times after 5 pm are very sought after.

I just want to remind everyone that I do not teach after 7 pm or on the weekends.  Click on the Spring Schedule to see available times.

The Fall semester seems so short and that is because it is compared to the Spring semester (January to June).  I will be taking a break around Easter Sunday which is April 21 in 2019.  The Spring Soiree will probably be on Sunday June 2 in 2019. 

Owing to increased expenses like property taxes, electricity, gas, internet and phone, as well as printer ink (pretty outrageous!), I am going to raise my fees to $32.50 a 1/2 hour lesson and $65 for an hour lesson.  I am sorry if this causes hardship and I am happy to apply to the Durham Music Teachers Association for scholarships for needy families.  I will still offer 10% discount for 2 or more learning in the same family.  

Many teachers charge students for participating in the yearly student recitals but I do not, and many teachers also make an extra charge for photocopying or printing music but I do not.  I sometimes buy music digitally on-line and mostly do not charge students for this except when it is something specific that I cannot use elsewhere, otherwise I am happy to pay the cost. I also carry over fees when lessons are missed from illness or weather, and I think I am fairly generous about this, forgiving the odd forgotten lesson. Raising my fees allows me to continue to offer these services.  I hope everyone understands!

I also want to say how amazed I am by my students’ progress from eight year olds confidently accompanying Christmas songs on Ukulele to Sopranos taking on the Queen of the Night aria.  Can’t wait to see what everyone is going to accomplish in 2019. So thank you all for choosing to learn music with Flourishing Muse studio. And hasn’t it been great to have my new room for parents to wait in – I love that!

Be safe, be happy and have FUN!