Hello Students and Parents,

Summer is half over and I need to start addressing issues around Fall.  Quite a few students have continued summer lessons and made excellent progress.  

  • Malia has mastered the first movement of the Moonlight Sonata beautifully and Jikai and Iris and Lydia have pretty much got the whole of Für Elise under control including the two episodes.  
  • Kavisha has learned that she loves Jazz and now plays a great version of Cruella de Vil.  Several students love playing the also jazzy Dill Pickle Stomp. 
  • Andrew almost has Bach’s G major Minuet as does Lucas and Pascale. 
  • Sebastian learned the same piece as his cousin, Curious Rhumba, and Anna has mastered He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands. 
  • Elijah started piano and is doing very well with two hands already, and my grandson Joshie in the UK is learning the play from memory – Down by the Station and Hoe Down!
  • Venia just eats up new music and I have hard time keeping up! Good work on The Pirate.
  • Mai has learned to play the Tarantella, and Khaleel has almost got a Clementi Sonatina under his fast fingers. 
  • Jane from Charlotte entertained her fellow campers with songs she accompanied on Ukulele – well done Jane!  Very brave!
  • Susan and Malia are both learning a Schubert Waltz with the right pedaling.  
  • Leo and Lucas attended school of Rock camp and learned to play Pink Floyd (not sure about that “teachers leave those kids alone “ song…)
  • Mary-Russell and I are advancing our Debussy Duet En Bateau and Kristen is working on the beautiful Brahms Intermezzo which is definitely challenging me also.  

Very good summer work students!  Proud of you all.

There are some important housekeeping items:

  • I am on vacation from August 20 to September 7.  Most students will miss two lessons but Monday students will miss 3 unless they want to try to fit in later that first week after labor day. This means that students will owe fees for 3 weeks in August $97.50 unless they are also going away.  Please let me know if any doubt.
  • After labor day I am raising my fees, as I said earlier in the year.  There have been big raises in things like internet, electricity, gas, and especially property taxes.  And more.  Fees from September 7 will be $35 for a 1/2 hour lesson and $70 for an hour.  Students taking RCM exams level 5 and above will need some extra lessons for their theory exam and I will talk to those people when the time comes.
  • I am a bit worried about Covid.  I am fully vaccinated and if Pfizer offers a booster I will get it.  Most of my 12 year olds and older are fully vaccinated now, but under 12 students need to wear their mask.  Any families who would prefer I also wear a mask I am happy to do so. I do clean my studio and piano regularly with the appropriate wipes.  However, I am very reluctant to teach online unless it is imperative eg you live in the Uk or in Charlotte or High Point.  Students learn so much better in person.  I have been very fortunate to have been able to teach online with the equipment I have purchased, and I am grateful that students have been able to continue throughout this difficult time. 
  • If you are NOT continuing lessons can you please let me know as soon as you can.  I am not taking new students (except of course I bend this rule because I love teaching!) but I need to work on the Fall Schedule very soon.  On my website is the summer schedule but I am going to put the old Spring Schedule up on a blog post so you can look at it and make decisions.  People who want their old time are fine – I will not be changing except for those who want or need it.  Look at the previous post for the old Spring Schedule.
  • I am planning an in person soiree late in the Fall.  More to come about this, but students get ready!
  • Fall semester begins September 7!!

We are still in the middle of a pretty rough time for everyone.  Hang in there.  Music makes it better.  Get back to me about continuing or not and times for lessons.

Stay well and stay safe – Lorna