Hello Parents and Students

We are about to start April with what looks like 4 weeks of being isolated at home – at least those of us who do not have to serve in essential industries.  I send them my prayers for safety and health and also thanks for taking the risks that we at home do not have to take.  I know there are some parents who are in essential industries.

I hope music lessons are bringing some happiness and purpose to students.  I have put the amended online schedule up on my website.  I hope you can all come back to my studio one day soon!

In my emails I will detail the April fees which can be paid online or through check posted to me but please check my math! I admit to be terrible with numbers as I am quite dyslexic.  The fee is $32.50 per lesson, and if two or more are learning there is a 10% discount.  Checks are arriving safely and Zelle is working well.  If you put checks or cash in my mailbox please text me so I can go out and retrieve it.

I feel very, very blessed to be able to continue to earn my living during times when others are deprived of income.  I am worried about kids in general, those who do not have lunches at school and all the ones at home wondering if they will ever see their friends again.  This will pass, even though things might not go back exactly as they were before.  Just have to keep on enduring!

I have a scheme afoot!

I am really enjoying student videos and audio files of their performances and I would like everyone, adults too, to record or video their best performance by April 30 and I will put them all together on my website under Student Performances.  I have some already but this would be a special group.  My partner Carol has offered to do some editing so I suggest I should have all the performances by Tuesday April 28.  You don’t have to wait till then and you could send more than one and I can choose the best!

I love that there is an unintended consequence to everyone having to be shut in.  Students are practicing so much more and of course making huge progress!  Hope it continues into the  future!  Here is Lydia playing her level 2 exam piece “Impertinence”  from memory. Well done Lydia!

I have an even crazier scheme, and that is that each more advanced ukulele student play their part in Spring in the red book and Carol will edit them together. Videos would be best.  We need some practice first and I would send out a firm metronome speed.  Of course you can’t have the metronome playing while recording but hopefully everyone could keep the same speed.  I used to have a digital metronome which had a red flashing light instead of a click – might have to get another one!

Everyone stay healthy and practice lots!