Tomorrow (Saturday 4/21/18) is the Durham Music Teachers Association (DMTA) Playathon at Northgate Mall, just outside the indoor entrance to the old Macy’s store.  My section is from 2-2:45 pm.
Please try to stay all through the session if you can – I know several people have to go on to other events and that is fine.
Remember to bring a $5 contribution for each player to add to the amount we are raising for scholarships for students who cannot afford music lessons. If you know of someone in this situation, who wants to learn piano, I am always interested to apply for the scholarship.  The parent(s) do have to supply tax return(s) as prove of income to the DMTA committee but I can fill in the application.  One of my advanced piano students was a recipient of the scholarship for 3 semesters.
Parking is easy at Northgate Mall and you can always eat ice cream while there and support the businesses in Northgate.
Here is my tentative program.  Sadly Quinn had to drop out as he had an injury, and several others had prior commitments to a Cinderella rehearsal and tickets to the Sound of Music.  There will be another opportunity at my Soiree June 3.

Lillie: Half time show

Mary Russell and Lorna: Winsboro Cotton Mill Blues

Mary Russell: Fur Elise

Sadie and Lorna: Elenke

Ella:  Rocky Mountain

Madeleine and Mia: camptown racetrack duet

Madeline: Classic dance

Mai: The Haunted Mouse

Mia: All Through the Night voice with Lorna accompaniment, and Energico solo

Leo and Ava: Let it be

Logan: Ode to Joy

Stella: Ode to joy

Andrew: Sea Chanty

Lucas: Stay with me

(Possibly Jesse playing “Gypsy”)

Illiria: Diabelli “Bagatelle;” Kathleen Massoud’s “Castle Days;” “Flamenco Dancers.”

Looking forward to tomorrow!
And lastly I do apologize for some tardiness with emails and a general malaise which has caused me to not be quite on my mark.  I have had months of dental issues but finally yesterday they got my news crowns in (after 2 botched attempts!) and touch wood they feel OK and I am so relieved.  Looking forward to not seeing my dentist till next year!