It is hard to believe half a semester has gone by!  And I want to remind everyone that there are no lessons April 1-5 unless I have arranged otherwise (reminders will follow).  I am having a Spring Break so I can think about summer lessons and ideas for some group works in the summer mornings.

I am very happy with all my students – of course I would like more practice to be done but it is also true that I would like to do more practice myself.  It is hard to carve out practice time with all we do, but it is so rewarding and I personally just love to practice.  My early Conservatorium years were wasted on me because I moaned all the time about 6 hours practice a day – now I wish so much I had the opportunity to do that in my current life!

Guitar and Ukulele players I am sorry the following competition opportunity is not for you but we will have our soiree June 2 and you will be playing in that.  Piano students please read below.

Durham Music Teachers Association Festival May 2013 – attention piano students

Each year the DMTA has a festival where students learning music with registered teachers can experience playing in a concert setting.  All students receive certificates and in some cases a winner will be chosen and there are small monetary prizes.  I am a registered teacher with the DMTA so any of my students are eligible to enter.

Playing in public is not every student’s cup of tea and this is a more formal setting than the Flourishing Muse Soirees I hold twice a year.  But for students who are thinking of a musical career, playing in a public setting is important experience.  It is also fun to see other students perform and great to share your talents with others.

Here are the details:

Festival performances will take place on Saturday May 18 at the Mary Duke Biddle building at Duke University.  We will know times after April 18.  If you win a section you need to be available to play in the honors concert Sunday May 19 at the Nelson Room, Duke University.

These are the relevant sections for piano solo (and the pieces would need to be classical in nature – mostly pieces we are working on right now):

Ages 5-8, 9-11, 12-13, 14-15; time limit 8 minutes.  Up to 3 pieces allowed but one longer one is sufficient.

There are some opportunities for duets, any age, any instruments but must be equal parts – talk to me about this.

Entry fee $12 each section and the due date is April 18

I need to enter my students on the one form and send one check for the entry fees so I am going to attach the entry form for you to fill in your details and bring to me with the $12 check.  I would like to know all names and have all checks and details by Friday April 12 so I can meet the April 18 deadline.

I will send more news next week and in the meantime, have a very joyful Easter, and for my Jewish friends, I usually wish you a meaningful Passover season.  For everyone, eat plenty of chocolate.  I love Escazu chocolate from Raleigh.  In case you have never heard of it, I think it is the best chocolate I have ever had and I don’t have shares in the company!  (