My news – my eye is cancer free but still recovering and I am told to be patient – I think I am patient with my students but concerning myself not!

2119 Sprunt news – we will soon have a beautiful new front path (no tripping hazards) and a new paved driveway so you can also walk to the back without slipping.  Terribly expensive but a long term investment in safety and value but do not worry, I am never leaving this garden!

The Soirée is coming very soon – Friday May 31 5:30 pm and all students need to choose and prepare what they are going to play.  I will be working on this in class.

I now have 33 students each week which is 3 more than I agreed to this year but inquiry keeps coming, which is good but frustrating.  I have 7 adults, and 26 young people aged 6-16. Not all will want to play at the Soirée but I hope most will do so.  Even if you are not playing please come and support your colleagues. The Soirée will again be at ERUUF in the lovely Sanctuary and I will try to extend the hiring to include a proper sound facility so everyone can hear me.  Having end of semester concerts is an important part of my studio practice.