April is on the way hopefully with some warmer weather! 

First, a reminder about lessons and the Spring Break:

I am teaching today (Monday 3/26) and tomorrow (Tuesday 3/27) so hope to see all Monday and Tuesday students this week.

I am on my Spring break Wed. Thurs. Fri. this week and also Mon. and Tues. next week (break is from 3/28 – 4/3 inclusive). Am going hiking near Boone!

Next week I am teaching Wednesday 4/4, Thursday 4/5 and Friday 4/6.  If you are not coming to lessons on any of those days please let me know.  I realize it is DPS break.

Full lessons commence again Monday 4/9/18.

Now to other news:

Adult students had a very nice evening Friday 3/16 where 8 of my students played their works on progress.  So good to support each other in achieving goals like attempting new works and polishing a piece for performance.

Ukulele students (8 of them!) had a get together to meet each other and see what everyone else is up to.  We all played and sang several items together which was great fun for me and I hope also for the students!  I have to find another larger space for Ukulele get togethers – parents had to stand!  I have music for 4 part ukulele orchestra and am very keen to have everyone participate!

Congratulations to Oscar Barbaza (brother of Quinn, whom I was helping with voice for a few months) who has been accepted for NC Governer’s school for voice!  Wonderful achievement.  Oscar attends the DSA.

Playathon for the DMTA will be April 21 Saturday afternoon 2-3 pm at Northgate Mall.  All my students are welcome to perform during this time but I do need firm commitments and will be asking for that after 4/9.  Each student is asked to donate $5 towards the DMTA scholarship fund which helps students take music lessons where their family cannot afford to pay for lessons.

Soirée advance notice – the Spring Soirée will be held on Sunday June 3, from 3-5 pm ay Croasdaile Auditorium as usual.  After the break I will be talking to students about their selections.

Adjudicating: As in previous years I will be assisting the DSA piano department in adjudicating the entries there in the Piano Festival.  It is a wonderful day where I see so many DSA students play piano.

Have a very happy holiday time over Easter and Passover and just time off!  Lots of chocolate bunnies to you all!  America does not take a big break over Easter but Australia shuts down for four days – I can’t seem to break that habit!