Congratulations to all who performed at the December Soiree!  There were too many wonderful performances to enumerate every one so I will save my thoughts for your next lesson. The Soirees are a lot of work but once they are in progress I know exactly why I do them.  So amazing to see everyone sharing pieces they have learned.  Thank you also to non-performers who came to support; that is a wonderful gesture.

Here are some performances that were videoed.  I am sorry there were not more but someone (me) needs a new iphone 6 very soon so i can do this as well as Roger Daniel!  thank you to Chelsea for playing some of the pieces she had prepared at UNCSA in Winston Salem:

Chelsea – Sonata in E flat II

Chelsea – Aufschwung (Schumann)

 and here is her little sister also playing beautifully

Chloe – The Wild Horseman (Schumann)

and Myles Spencer played Debussy and then for something completely different, Linus and Lucy

Well, he was not playing at the beginning – I think that was Snoopy?

Lessons commence Monday 1/5/15, next Monday.  I will not be teaching this week – I have had two hectic weeks of travel and need this week to prepare for the semester.

Some forward dates:

Spring semester commences 1/5/15

Spring Break will be from 3/30/15 to 4/10/15 (my grandson is coming! I guess his parents are coming too!)

Semester will end 6/5/15 (this will make a 20 week semester)

Spring Soiree 6/7/15 Sunday 3 pm same place as always (thanks for wonderful Croasdaile)

There are three Monday holidays in the Spring Semester:

MLK day 1/19/15; President’s Day 2/16/15; Memorial Day 5/25/15

I will probably teach these days if people want lessons even if not everyone wants to come, otherwise Monday people have 3 fewer lessons!

I am going to Australia to see my granddaughters 6/16/15 to 7/16/15 and I am going to the beach 8/16/15 to 8/22/15 but in between I will be available for some musical activities (???)

I am looking forward to seeing everyone again next week.  People who are aiming to do exams will need to get going on their pieces ready for May dates, and people who would like to perform in the DMTA festival event need to decide on a piece for that. 

Here are the relevant DMTA dates:

4/11/15 there will be a playathon at Northgate Mall – these events raise money for DTMA scholarships for students who need some financial assistance.  There is a $5 student contribution, but often passers by make very nice contributions as the students perform.  Please consider coming and playing some of your pieces.

5/16/15 DMTA Festival at Duke University.  Students enter this competition and play piano and sing for local professors and receive feedback.  It is  great way to perform for someone other than your teacher. 

Some of you may have heard about Jerry and Barbara Porter and their 1901 restored Steinway grand piano.  They are so generous in allowing my students to come and practice there – thank you so much Jerry and Barbara.  They are holding a house concert (details below) and I think some of the older piano students might like to come.  I will be there also:

Please save the date for a house concert at Jerry and Barbara Porter’s:

Date: January 8, 2015, Thursday; Time: 7:30 PM

Location: 3403 Medford Rd, Durham, NC.

Tel: 919-294-4680


Piano Concert by Ivan Moshchuk

His program will include Chopin “late works”: Sonata Op. 58, Mazurkas, Op. 59, Barcarolle,

Op.60 and Polonaise-Fantasie, Op 61, all played on our wonderful 1901 Steinway D.

This will be a 55-minute program. We heard Ivan play at St Mary’s School in

Raleigh in the fall and were very impressed. Ivan is an inspiration to young piano students.

For bio and details about Ivan, please see

See you all next week!  Remember my schedule is here under Spring Schedule 2015; if you are not continuing or want to change lesson times please let me know this week.