Myles Spencer and Elijah Rogan-Kelly attended the UNCG High School Piano and Organ Day on Saturday 1/18/14.  In the morning they heard a wonderful concert given by the 5 faculty who were teaching in the master classes that day.  After this concert, Elijah and Myles played pieces they had prepared in two master classes before and after lunch.  Out of 42 students in the master classes, 20 were chosen to play in the final concert and both Elijah and Myles were chosen.  Myles played the Schubert Impromptu op. 90 no. 4 and Elijah played “Stars”, a contemporary composition by an Australian composer, Peter Skulthorpe.  Both played really well even though both said they were nervous.  Well done to both!!  I also enjoyed seeing the music professors again and I always learn something new every time, like try play a tricky passage backwards!

I do like the atmosphere at UNCG music school and I encourage parents to consider the UNCG music camps this summer.  There are many opportunities, band, orchestra, chorus, and of course piano. The youngest grade seems to be grade 6.  There are two weeks of camps, 7/13/14 – 7/18/14 and 7/20/14 – 7/25/14.  All the information is on the website:  No guitar, but I am possible going to have a small guitar and ukulele camp or two at High Strung and we are just getting organised this week for that to have some shape.  In the first week, there is a new offering of junior chorus for grades 6-8 – very exciting!  For UNCG, camp enrollments open February 1 and they fill up very fast!

In May, the Durham Music Teachers Association will be having their annual festival at Duke University Campus, in the Mary Duke Biddle building.  I really encourage students to think about preparing a piece for this festival now so you will be ready.  It is a great experience to be able to have feedback on your playing from one of the University music professors in the Triangle area.  Entry forms will come to me in March and the deadline for entries is April 10.  There’s more information on the website under Handbook: