Spring Semester 2013 is here!
I will begin teaching lessons Monday January 7.  I am going to assume that everyone is continuing in their same time slot unless you have already let me know about changes or unless you email me in the next couple of days.  I have some changes but I do have a waiting list which is still not fully accommodated.

I had an amazing time with my daughter and family and will have pictures up on my blog as soon as I have the slide app working properly.  But I am back now and excited to start the much longer Spring semester (Fall seemed to go too quickly!)

The Spring Soiree will be on June 2, 2013 at 3 pm at Croasdaile Auditorium as usual (thank you so much to the wonderful folks at Croasdaile Village).

My spring break will be from 1-5 April, the week after Easter.  I will be teaching the week before Easter except for Good Friday, March 29.

On January 12, the high school pianists are all traveling to UNCG for a fun day of master classes and recitals.  We need to be there at 8:30 to get assignments.  I am not sure if any Flourishing Muse students will have places in the master classes but be prepared!  The day ends at 4 pm with selected students giving a concert.

Fees will be due next week for January:

Monday students – there are 4 Mondays in January if you are going to come to lessons on MLK day.  If not there’ll be 3.  If you want to come earlier in the day on the Monday let me know so I can fit you in.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday students – there are 4 lessons in January.

Friday students – there are 3 lessons in January

Let me know if you want me to send an invoice.

I have not put up my fees for 2013 although I know that some studios and some commercial teaching facilities have done this. I might have to consider this in Fall seeing all the expenses are continuing to rise in spite of the lagging economy!  I do appreciate everyone who learns music with me and enables me to run my lovely business from my home.

I also appreciate how everyone respects my home so well.  I love having parents being able to sit comfortable in my lounge and read or just rest (you need it).  I also appreciate parents who need to bring younger ones sitting so quietly with them so I can teach your older students uninterrupted.  Thank you so much!